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All products sold through local dealers. Contact us to find your nearest sales partner.

Our products are sold in the USA through local re-sellers, dealers and sales partners. If you are interested in becoming a sales partner for your town, county or state, please get in touch. All sales leads generated through this website are forwarded onto our sales partners.  |  +1 833 633 0977  |  +44 808 169 7337


Our promise: A shelter that is compliant with American International Building Code guidelines. A shelter that is well designed and easy to put up and take down. A shelter that can be fixed to shipping containers without the need for welding or drilling into the container. A shelter that comes with a detailed technical document detailing the structure, material specifications and static load calculations. A shelter that is covered by a 10-year guarantee policy. Technical support staff that can guide customer's through the assembly procedures if needed. Orders that are fulfilled and shipped within 48 hours of an order.

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