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The WorkShell has a fixed width - 20ft (6m). The length can be adjusted.

In 2020, after 14 years of manufacturing multiple storage shelter designs and size options, we as a company decided to focus on one single product. We call this product the WorkShell. The name is new, the product however is not. We've been making this product since 2006.

The product does have limitations - and we believe this is a good thing. The lack of 'options' in the structure means we can focus on making the product as strong, and as simple to assemble as possible. It also makes sure that it will arrive to you in as small a box as possible. Every detail has been considered and tested.

The most obvious limitation of the WorkShell is that it only comes in one width - 20 ft (6m). If you are looking for anything wider than 6m, the WorkShell is probably not for you.

You do have the option though, if using shipping containers as the base of the WorkShell, to reduce the total area your structure takes up by fixing the WorkShell to the outer edge of the top of the shipping container so that the container is inside/underneath the WorkShell cover rather than outside it. This will reduce the overall footprint width by 8 ft (the width of a container). An additional advantage of assembling the structure like this is that it keeps the sun, and cold winds off the top of the container, helping with insulation and interior temperature control.

Along with a fixed width of 20 ft, each WorkShell also has a fixed length of 20 ft. However, the product has been designed so that two WorkShells (or indeed unlimited WorkShells) can be connected together to make a much longer sheltered structure.

Feel free to contact us to explore if the WorkShell is an ideal fit for your needs. We are always happy to talk about the product and understand what potential customers are looking for.

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