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Total cost of putting up an outdoor structure:

In the article below, we look at some of the main costs involved with buying and installing a WorkShell storage structure on your site or land. These costs apply to pretty much any sort of pre-assembled outdoor storage structure.

In addition to the product cost, you should consider the following:

Transportation Costs:

This is the cost of transporting your order from our warehouse to your desired location. You can either use our transportation partner, or you can use your own. The transportation cost will be worked out based on the size and weight of your order and the distance the shipment needs to travel.

Shipping Containers:

Most people who buy the WorkShell shelter intend to use the structure on top of one or two shipping containers. If you don't currently have your shipping containers, you will need to either buy or rent them. There are a lot of great companies that buy and rent shipping containers across the country. Pricing is generally quite transparent across the board.

Shipping Container Alternatives:

Customers that are not planning to use shipping containers to support their WorkShell, will need to attach the shelter on some sort of external support wall. Support walls are typically made from concrete blocks/slabs, or concrete bricks and will need to be built if they are not already in place. This will have a cost attached to it, even if you are planning to build the support walls yourself.

Concrete Slab Floor:

Many WorkShell customers lay down a level concrete slab on the ground to put their containers and structure on. If you are planning to do this and don't currently have an existing concrete or cement floor you will need to make one. There will be a cost attached to this.

Assembling your WorkShell:

The WorkShell is easy to assemble and comes with a detailed, easy to follow assembly manual. If you are planning to hire an outside team to assemble the structure on your behalf, we recommend you send them the assembly manual first. It should take a team of 3 people 1-2 days to fully assemble the structure.

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